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What not to say to a Hair Extension Wearer!

Ok, so if you are a religious wearer of hair extensions like myself you will understand the raised eyebrows, eye role and almighty sigh that your body involuntary makes when you hear these two statements...

#1 - 'I don't know how you can be bothered with all that high maintenance hair!'


#2 - 'Why don't you just grow your own hair?'

So lets address statement number one. Clearly this statement comes from someone who has never had the pleasure of wearing #hairextensions and have just made a conclusion based on the fact that because you now have more hair on your head then therefore it MUST create way more work and general daily upkeep. Well my non-hair extension wearing friends I take pleasure in informing you that you are, in fact, very WRONG!!

Most people who do wear extensions report that daily life is now SO much easier. The main reason for this is that you only need to wash your full head of extensions once a week. Through the course of the week they will not look greasy and will still hold a lovely curl or wave meaning that there is very little time spent faffing around trying to make your hair look good because it already does. I always tie my hair back at night time, this prevents matting but also preserves your curls. Roll your hair into a sausage shape and pop it in a bun style with a scrunchie or an #invisibobble. Simply remove said bobble in the morning, a little skoosh of #dryshampoo and et voila you have lovely waves still intact from the previous days. A little tip, if you don't have dry shampoo, talcum powder works just as well and if you are like me and a sweaty mess at bedtime, pop some talcum powder into your hair before you go to bed and this helps prevent your hair getting greasy and thus buying you a few more days before having to wash your hair.

Mid week, all that you need to wash is the crown and fringe area of your hair (also known as the tuft) and give your curls a once over. I love the #beautyworks wand, its amazing. And there you have low maintenance, gorgeous, long beautiful hair that still allows me to lie in my bed and hit snooze 5 times in the morning while you lot are up at the crack of dawn washing and drying your hair on a daily or bi-daily basis. Ain't nobody got time for that!!

Now onto #2 - ' Why don't you just grow your hair?' Well, because I wasn't blessed with the same Pocahontas genes as you Karen!! Lets be honest, hair extensions are not cheap, and if they are cheap they probably aren't very nice. By choice I am sure most people have plenty of other things they would like to spend their money on and just wait while their own hair grows but the sad reality is that no mater how patient you are or how many hair growth lotions and potions you use, some people cant grow their hair naturally. A question like that can hurt someone's feelings as having fine hair that wont grow can be a real confidence killer.

But the good news is we can cheat on the 'growing it' stage and there is a massive choice now-a-days for any hair types including patients who have hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment or alopecia. Some of the mesh integration systems and bespoke wigs that can be custom made are unbelievable and quite literally give some of these ladies their lives back. Big shout out to my girl Alanna Lister (A Lister Hair Loss Specialist) who is the 'go-to' girl in Scotland for anyone looking for a solution to their hair loss. Alanna is affiliated with the #NHS and can work absolute miracles, plus you will get good gab thrown in for free!

So yes, please stop with this question, no one knows what other people are going through and this can be a very sensitive subject for some.

Do you have any related #pethates that you would like to share? Hit me up and we can educate the world on how utterly fabulous your extensions are.

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