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Top Tips to look after your hair extensions

First of all, let me congratulate you on deciding to take the plunge into the world of hair extensions and opening a new world of feeling like a sexy beast every day of the week!

Even on those down days, mid-week, in between hair washes and hair flung up in a bun you will still look and feel like a Greek Goddess!! I have your attention now!

So hopefully you’ve not made the mistake and cut corners on the quality of the hair, if you have you will be fighting a losing battle from day one. As the saying goes ‘Cheap hair ain’t nice, and nice hair ain’t cheap’ and this couldn’t be any more true.

So, let’s assume you have had your absolutely, drool worthy Millionaire Hair Extensions freshly fitted and I’m sure I don’t need to say it but please girls, have them fitted by someone fully qualified to do the job. You wouldn’t wear your brand new Valentino's through a muddy field so make sure the hair is fitted with the care and respect it deserves.

You have waltzed out those salon doors and swished your hair about in the street, admired yourself in every car window, shared your selfies on Snap Chat, TikTok, Insta, Facebook, facetime and danced around in front of your Granny to show off your new ‘do’. Yes, your hair is bona fide gorgeous, but next job is to ensure it remains gorgeous which leaves me to share my hints and tips which I have gathered over my 15 years of wearing, the good, the bad and the ugly of hair extensions.

Top Tips:

  • Quality is a MUST! Just as it is important to buy good quality hair the same goes for aftercare products. You absolutely MUST use a sulphate and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. To be fair these can be picked up at reasonable prices now as most big brands have caught onto the fact that literally everyone is wearing hair extensions these days, so it’s usually marked clearly on the front on the bottles. But please DO NOT be tempted to just use what you have in the bathroom already as using the wrong types of shampoo and conditioner will dry the hair out quickly. If you are lucky enough to be wearing Millionaire Hair Extensions (shameless plug) then you can expect to get 1-2 years of wear from the hair with proper care.

  • This is my favourite tip…only wash your hair once a week! Ain’t nobody got time for washing hair more than this anyway and by spreading out your washes you are ensuring longevity in the quality of your extensions but also enjoying an extra five alarm snoozes in the morning. Dry shampoo will become your best friend.

  • This one is so important…always tie your hair extensions back at bedtime. Matting can happen very easily but can be very easily avoided. Its not going to happen when you are going about your daily tasks (unless you do said tasks from your bed making you a lucky b****) but will almost always happen during your sleep if it is not securely tied back. None of this loose bobble nonsense though, you want to have your bobble with a good bit of tension at the nape of your neck so that any layers in your hair are in the bobble and will protect the extensions underneath, especially if you are like me and roll about like a witch possessed. If you enjoy a regular roll about (wink) you may wish to invest in a silk pillowcase which is kinder to your hair. I would suggest a silk bonnet too however this is somewhat of a passion killer.

  • No matter how tired you are DO NOT go to bed with your hair wet! It’s a huge ’nope’ and will cause you all kinds of problems. You only have to do the big wash once a week so just pull through the process and make sure your hair is dry. Enough said.

  • Make sure you go for a regular maintenance to ensure safety of your own hair. I am not a fan of the ‘pushing up’ method. I feel like this promotes more matting so in our salon we will always do a full removal, comb out then refit. With most of our methods you can expect to get between 10-12 weeks between fittings. Don’t be tempted to leave them in over 12 weeks even if they feel ok as this can cause damage to your own hair. Book that refit appointment early!!

  • Holidays are amazing, no doubt about that, however if you like to holiday in the sunshine then extra care is required especially with blonde shades unless you want travel home with pink or orange hair.

  • Many factors can contribute to discolouration of hair including chemicals in the pool, harsh water in the showers, sun and sea exposure and a surprising culprit lurks in your sun cream!! Who knew? There is an ingredient in most sun creams called ‘Avobenzone’ and this chemical is solid reason for hair changing colour. Before applying any sun cream pop your hair up in a bun and away from touching your body, also wash hands after use before touching your hair. Better still, you can purchase a mineral based sun cream which is a natural alternative and doesn’t have the nasty Avobenzone in it. When I looked into things a little further (care of my friend Google) it turns out Avobenzone can cause CANCER!!. So I am applying a cream to prevent me getting skin cancer but the cream itself can also give me cancer? WTAF!!! True fact folks!

Hopefully, this information will help give a little insight to caring for your extensions. Reading it may have sent you to sleep but if you are still awake then rest assured once you have your wash/dry/bedtime routine locked down it will become a breeze and you can go about life being that fabulous babe that you are!

Vanya Tunstead

Bad Ass Boss Babe

Millionaire Hair Extensions

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