The Importance of Good Aftercare

Because inner circulation is not present in extension hair, proper maintenance and care is a must for maintaining healthy hair. All hair is 100% human hair and should be treated better han your normal hair, it takes a little extra care and time.


U-Tip & Prebond attachment methods: Wait 48 hours before shampooing hair to give the bond time to harden and always take extra care to avoid conditioner, masks and cream styling products near attachment ie do not put near the scalp


Consult your stylist for proper professional shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Most colour care shampoo systems work well with extension hair. Shampooing is not recommended more than a couple times a week. The more you shampoo and blow dry the extensions, the more stress you put on the attachment which can lead to damage of your own hair.


Do not turn your head upside down to wash. Always wash and rinse shampoo and conditioner in lukewarm water. Never use hot water on the scalp. Gently massage your shampoo at the root area getting in between the attachments and your scalp.

Shampooing roots and scalp twice before conditioning is highly recommended to ensure proper cleanse.


We highly recommend conditioning every time you shampoo your hair. Always apply conditioner or mask to the mid length and ends. Do not apply conditioner, mask or treatments to scalp or attachment area. Do not comb or brush with conditioner in the hair. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, never hot.


Avoid any shampoos, conditioners or masks with protein, fruit acids (such as wheat germ) and citrus- they are not good for the hair and it may cause extensions to dry out and tangle. And especially avoid all oil based products, on glue attached extensions products with high levels of silicon and sulphate should also be avoided if possible to avoid the breakdown of the bond.


You should always complete your shampoo and conditioning routine with a leave-in conditioner. We recommend using only hair extension specialised shampoo and conditioner. Best results are to use immediately after shampooing and conditioning hair- before any combing, drying or styling (even braids).


Professional styling products are always needed to keep hair soft and manageable. Thermal cream and thermal sprays are a must to prevent damage due to blow drying and heat styling. Do not use serums or oils on the hair- it will cause drying and damage to the hair and in some cases discolouration.


Quality hair-dryers and brushes are recommended to keep hair in best condition. Never blow dry or comb hair upside down. You will cause damage to your own hair. Hot rollers, curling irons, straightening irons and Velcro rollers are all okay for your hair. Ceramic is best to use and on medium to low heat- you do not need to use heat tools on hot/high settings. Try to keep all heat tools away from the attachment as much as possible- you may reheat the attachment and pull it out or damage your real hair by getting the attachment caught.


Always use a hair extension brush on all extensions (especially near the attachment), you are less likely to “catch” an attachment. We recommend brushing at the ends first, while holding the hair near the attachment, then moving up to the mid shaft and finally very carefully brushing the root area last.


Do not wash and go to bed with wet hair. Never lets roots air dry as this may result in matting, tangles and damage to your own hair. Always blow dry root completely on a low heat or cool setting. We also recommend using the blow dryer’s nozzle attachment to keep hair cuticle smooth. Be careful not to pull on extensions while drying roots, as the extension can pull out easily when attachment is heated. Hair must be dry and either braided, or in a low, loose ponytail before sleeping. We highly recommend loose pig tail braids (one braid on each side) for comfort reasons and also to prevent matting, tangling and stress on the attachment.


For sleeping we highly recommend a silk or satin pillow case or scarf to help keep hair soft and smooth.


Avoid getting hair wet in swimming pools, hot tubs and other water containing chlorine (especially blonde or light colour extensions). Ocean and sea water can also tangle and dry out the hair. Always use a swim cap if you must swim. Be mindful of water quality and hardness- especially when out of the UK and in new areas when washing your hair.


Colouring of all extension hair is not recommended. Consult your stylist before using any type of hair colour including temporary and chalk as they may permanently stain the hair and/or cause damage.







 If you would like a refund or an exchange, you must return it to us within 7 days of your purchase. All returns must be returned in the original packaging, unopened and with the original invoice. Any returns must abide by these rules, failure to do so may result in the refund/exchange being refused.


In the event that you are unsatisfied with the product or feel that the goods are faulty the hair may be returned to us for inspection within 30 days of the receipt date, this is due to human hair being a consumable item during wear.


We will not test any hair that had been coloured, tinted or chemically damaged.  All hair must be returned as the original colour.  Goods are not considered faulty if the condition deteriorates due to poor hair management or poor application of product.   


Postage must be covered by the sender and is the senders responsibility to ensure that their return postage is appropriately covered. If the return is due to an error made by Millionaire Hair, we will cover the cost of the postage and refund your original postage costs. Please Note: Millionaire Hair cannot take any responsibility on goods being returned to us, we advise that you use a tracked delivery service. Once we have received your return, please allow our team up to 7 working days to process the refund/exchange. Please allow up to 3 working days for the funds to show in your bank account. Return Address: Millionaire Hair Extensions, 53 Old Sneddon Street, Paisley, PA3 2AN. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact